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The story of hades and persephone, a mythology fiction. Who were the children of persephone and how did they fit into. See more ideas about persephone, hades and hades and persephone. Youd think that zeus and hades are complete opposites because one rules the sky and heavens while the other rules the underworld. Tonis brows furrow even as dread begins to squirm to life inside of her. Expect the unexpected hades and persephone romance. The son of scar, the son of chernabog, the daughter of dr.

No archive warnings apply hadespersephone hadestown eurydice orpheus. The myth of her abduction by hades was frequently used to explain the cycle of the. Her innocence and naivety can often get her into trouble or be a source of comedy for her friends and peers, but she is strong and determined to make it on her own. Persephone is a young goddess, trying to make her own way in life. Persephones first time, a mythology fiction fictionpress. Being the daughter of demeter, she is a descendant of the. Do you know of any hadespersephone inspired reylo fics.

Expect the unexpected hades and persephone chapter. This is scene 3 and ahalf from act ii of the rock opera, the passion of persephone the scene depicting persephone s loss of virginity, that cant actually be shown onstage. The friendships and the lies, the gossip and the wild parties, and of course, forbidden love. In a world where the old gods never truly died, you must learn to navigate your way through the ups and downs of immortality. But once hades ex starts getting involved again, things take a slightly. Read hot and popular stories about hades on wattpad. I made some extra comics about hades and persephone during the making of my main comic underworld love story. This is the story, my dear reader, of how you, a mere mortal, stole the heart of the lord of the underworld. Its also one of the most famous love stories ever told. Hades smirked slightly when he saw hermes returning so quickly. The olympians imprisonment in cronos stomach, the titanomachy, and the story behind hades and leuce.

Persephone was the daughter of demeter and zeus, and originally the goddess of spring. Your business is the ferrying of the dead across the styx. After the titan incident hades is outcast and alone, he comes across persephone who is also lonely and something sparks. Hades and persephone are fairly easy going as a couple when it comes to most things. The myth of hades and persephone is one more myth of love and abduction in the greek mythology. Being the son of hades and persephone gave him the fear and respect many villains longed for. The devils romance a hades and persephone story wattpad. Heres an animatic i did for class based on the greek myth of persephone. Persephone was the daughter of demeter, the goddess of nature.

Unfortunately for her, secrets just keep piling up. After the titan incident hades is outcast and alone, he comes. Thank you for helping us reach our goal at record speed. She is new to olympus and is there to study biochemistry theory and train to be a sacred virgin. Hades was the lord of the underworld, and nobody tried to take that away from him. The god swooped down upon persephone, scooped her up with one arm, and literally and figuratively deflowered herleaving the plain scattered with blossoms of every color. Hades is typically used to being hated by everyonegods and mortals alike. A delving into the the myth that brought winter into the world. A short story about the myth of persephone and hades.

Happily, zeus made his way to the heavens where he lived in happy excess. This fic is loosely based on the myth of melinoe and how she came to be without spoiling too much. Hadespersephone lore olympus works archive of our own. But just like every year, persephone has to wait until she is finished meeting with her mother, who is. Persephone looks from hades to thanatos, her long gold earrings tickling her jaw. Anyways, i read some fanfiction of them out there and thought i should give it a try. Hades sighed heavily, his anger, as always, fading quickly. Persephone was the only daughter of demeter, the goddess of grain, agriculture and fertility unfortunately for her, hades,the ruler of the underworld, had dreadful plans for her. One fine day during his venture he met persephone, the daughter of. Hades did not even bother to look at him, as he continued staring at the child. Unless of course, hes jealous as hell that shes been seeing a. Mar 24, 2016 persephone aka kore was the greek goddess of vegetation, especially grain, and the wife of hades, with whom she rules the underworld. And as if that still wasnt hard enough for you, now a pesky and infuriatingly handsome.

She was the daughter of hades, abandoned and kidnapped. This is a thalias musings standalone bonus chapter that takes place centuries before the main story. Greek mythology has probably always been my favorite mythology, and this might be my favorite stories of all time. I figured that a 4,000 year old myth, plus lasting and continuing interest, plus a greek mythology fan fiction community of which they occupy about 75% of the fics there, that there was a good chance that my idea had already been done. The layout isnt up there anymore, but i wanted to share the story. Persephone was gathering flowers one day on a plain in sicily.

Hades has his arms crossed, and hes glaring at her, a muscle in his jaw twitching. Not much is known about her, just she was abducted by hades, god of the underworld, as she together with her sisters athena and artemis picked flowers. Read hot and popular stories about persephone on wattpad. My own attempts to justify the ways of hades to men and tell the story of that forbidden fruit. This is a short story that i wrote for my dolling site meg. Persephone is an immortal woman living under her mothers shadow, and overprotective gaze. Hades and persephone a myth retold, a romance fiction. How he, quite literally, fell head over heels for you. Persephone doesnt understand why people fear hades and call him evil. Followfav if you come with me hades and persephone. Expect the unexpected hades and persephone wattpad. Persephone is the daughter of demeter, the goddess of earth and zeus, the ruler of gods.

She doesnt have much of a choice, being hades daughter and a slytherin witch. Persephone, the daughter of demeter and zeus, was the wife of hades and the queen of the underworld. Hades steward had informed her when she arrived that hades was locked in his room and had been poring over ledgers for the past few days. Its always been a lonely life being the god of the underworld, but when he runs into a goddess parading as a mortal in a local coffee shop, he soon learns perhaps he doesnt have to be as lonely after all. His breath fanning over my neck as i push against his chest.

Expect the unexpected hades and persephone when hades dragged beautiful, dark haired persephone into the underworld, the only thing on his mind was her beauty. These are the best hades and persephone fanfictions, that are all complete. Idk, i think mythology is fascinating and i wanted to give a detailed story. My take on an often told story between my favourite two characters form greek mythology. Each was dressed in dark finery, and many were as misshaped as the things they presided over. The bell rings, and hades sits stiffly next to persephone, his hands splayed and rigid on the desk.

Hozier and florence welch are just pseudonyms hades and persephone have taken on after haven taken music lessons from orpheus for a couple thousand years and deciding going into the music industry and gaining fans would be a modern equivalent form of the worship that previously sustained them thanks for coming to my ted talk. Hades took an interest in her and made her his wife. In the homeric hymn to demeter, the story is told of how persephone was gathering flowers in the vale of nysa when she was seized by hades and removed. Near hades throne was thanatos, god of death, an advisor and reasonably trusted companion. Lore olympus amv hades and persephone daddy issues youtube.

From their awkward first meeting or, was it their first meeting to the intense handholding sesh the fans were treated to recently. Henry hades is one of the most feared villain children on the isle. Because the myth of hades and persephone, sometimes referred to as the abduction or rape of persephone is a love story just not necessarily a happy one. An important element of the eleusinian mysteries and the thesmophoria festival, the goddess was worshipped throughout the greek world and frequently appeared in all forms of greek art. Persephone is goddess of springtime and her mother is demeter and her dad is zeus. The story of hades and persephone is one of the most popular and famous romance found in the greek mythology. And if living forever wasnt hard enough, an ancient evil is now threatening to break free after centuries of silence. Fluff, angst, violence, lemons eventually and some swearing so. My own version of the famous love story that is persephone kore and hades. Hades was the brother of zeus and the god of the underworld. Stylish and immersive, this is one of mythologys greatest stories the taking of persephone as its never been told before. Of their twisted love story where hades kidnaps persephone and enslaves her in the underworld. Hades cant wait to have his queen in his arms once again.

She now faced the enchanted door that connected her quarters to hades. He left his shrine and he ventured upon the ground. This folder is for any type of fanfiction that has hades and persephone in it short stories, oneshots, and mindless drabbles are all accepted. When they finally find her, they are shocked, to say the least. In some versions, persephone is the mother of zeus son dionysus, or iacchus, and or zagreus, as a result of their identification with dionysus. Hades suddenly appeared, thundering across the plain in his fourhorse chariot. Each has a different telling of how the scene took place. I just love hades, i dont see why persephone didnt go willingly. While persephone has gathered some skill without her mothers knowledge, she has a hard time sizing up to her mothers raw talent. Her dark black hair and olive skin with green, deep set eyes that always appeared to be laughing. I wont be publishing future chapters since i am working. On a summer day she was picking flowers with some nymphs. Persephone, latin proserpina or proserpine, in greek religion, daughter of zeus, the chief god, and demeter, the goddess of agriculture. This is me trying to make a video about one of the myths i love most.

His eagerness to please everyone was one of the better reasons why he was chosen as the messenger of the gods. Unless of course, hes jealous as hell that shes been seeing a certain mortal called adonis. Because it turns out, the gods arent so different from us after all, especially when it comes to their problems. She is convinced that some god will seduce her and leave her as a. Can they really make it work, or will the many obstacles threatening to break them apart. Check out our budget to know how your donations help keep us growing. Persephone by kaitlin bevis, abandon by meg cabot, receiver of many by rachel alexander, seeds volume one by m. Zeus is pleased to have an audience with you, lord hades, hermes replied. Among the gathered crowd, the lord of the underworld noticed hypnos, god of sleep. The only contact they ever make is making love to one another, and afterwards a. Demeter has already cast a famine on all the humans in her grief. But over the years there seems to be a handful of variations in the story. Poseidon and hades pulled next, poseidon obtaining rule over all the oceans and hades, who pulled the shortest straw, obtained rule over the underworld.

Long before hades had stolenfallen in love with persephone, he had another lover. Hades had managed to ruin her birthday party and insult her in less than five minutes, and she had disrespected him in front of the people who already thought less than highly of him. A poem in hades persona about his admiration for persephone before he kidnapped her. The first one to speak was persephone, mainly because she wanted nothing more for him to be out of her sight, so she could find the kids. But before she can say anything, before she can open her mouth and set the record straight, she hears it. Ianthe, later known as persephone, and her cousin, eurydice, find themselves in hades one by choice and one by death and both by love. Dec 29, 2018 henry hades is one of the most feared villain children on the isle. Hades is the greek god and ruler of the underworld, the dead, and riches. So when the cold and dark hades falls in love with beautiful, innocent persephone, can they find the solution to their loneliness. Internally, hades debated on how he wished to propose to persephone. No being other than charon would have survived making such a statement. Persephone as a vegetation goddess and her mother demeter were the central figures of the eleusinian mysteries, which promised the initiated a more enjoyable prospect after death.

Persephone has already been kidnapped by hades, her unwanted and unexpected suitor. No archive warnings apply hadespersephone hadestown eurydiceorpheus. After a long six months of warm weather, hades and persephone are ready to be together once again. This page contains ancient greek versions of the tale beginning with an abbridged version of the celebrated homeric hymn to demeter, followed by several minor versionssuch as that of diodorus siculus, other ancient synopses, and assorted references. However persephone was allowed to go to the world above with demeter for half the year and the rest of it with hades.

Summary hades and persephone reborn huh, fury states then more than asks, no need to ask which is which. Hades persephone lore olympus hades lore olympus persephone lore olympus hera lore olympus hecate lore olympus. The myth of hades and persephone is one of the well known greek myths. The story of hades and persephone retold by meg davis.

Chan12 is a fanfiction author that has written 7 stories for death note, greek mythology, and spirited away. Hades and persephone had a heart to heart discussion, ending the night with passionate love making and proclamations of his feelings for her, with a thin line of anxiety woven in between. This is scene 3andahalf from act ii of the rock opera, the passion of persephone the scene depicting persephone s loss. She was incredibly beautiful, and drew the attention of hades, the king of the dead. Nowhere in your job description does it appoint you my counselor. She was a dual deity, since, in addition to presiding over the dead with intriguing autonomy, as the daughter of demeter, she was also a goddess of fertility. Hades, god of the underworld, fell in love with her one day when he saw her picking flowers in a field. Hades was the eldest male and the fourth child of kronos, the titan king of mount othrys, and his sisterwife rhea, born after his sisters hestia, demeter, and hera.

Read chapter 1 from the story hades and persephone fanfiction by horselover011 with 2,493 reads. One of the things i did when i was writing receiver of many was read as much existing hades and persephone fiction as i could get my hands on. Macaria is the daughter of hades and persephone, shes a metamorphmagus, shes best friends with demons and raised a hell hound when she was five. Zeus glanced at him, sharply, and then, he smiled widely. Persephone decided it was high time he needed a reprieve and asked that they not be disturbed. He would steal her innocence and virginity and turn her into his dreaded queen. In greek mythology the rape of persephone was the tale of the abduction of the springtime goddess persephone by hades, king of the underworld. To her, hes simply as cute and cuddly as a teddy bear. A poem from hades pov after he kidnapped persephone. He is one of the big three, the eldest son of kronos and rhea and the husband and uncle of persephone. As hades came out of the corner and walked towards seph, her smile hit him like a boulder.

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