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Yongnuo 560 ii manual flash tutorial pt 2 duration. Yongnuo have announced the yn560tx pro, ttl and hss enabled radio transmitter, and next generation 560 pro radio system, which will finally integrate the yn560 and yn 622 radio systems into one compatible system. The iii has a built in receiver, so it can be triggered from a yongnuo transceiver on your camera. The rf605 is a manual only trigger and cannot communicate ttlhss. Yongnuo yn560iv camera flashes for olympus for sale ebay.

Yongnuo speedlite digital flash yn560iii for canon nikon pentax olympus camera. They are manual, but with digital cameras today, it is very easy to set your flash to the proper amount of power. Get the best deals on yongnuo yn560iv camera flashes123. Yongnuo yn860li lithiumion speedlite announced flash. Yongnuo yn 300w studio strobe flash light ettl hss 18000s for canon only. Enter your email address to receive the manual of yongnuo yn 560iii in the language languages. I dont care about the ttl compatibility when working offcamera, already have an sb910 and sb700 for ttl, and more care about the instability when mounting flash on a trigger, on a. Please visit yongnuo official website to download the upgrade firmware and. Make offer yongnuo yn 560 iv flash speedlight manual for nikon canon pentax olympus dslr. Get the best deals on yongnuo camera flashes for olympus when you shop the largest online selection at. Yongnuo flash speedlite yn 560 iv wireless manual for canon nikon pentax olympus.

The yn560iii manual speedlite flash is a highly flexible tool if you need a compact or portable studio setup with integrated 2. The yn 560ex is a manual flash but can act as a wireless ttl slave via canon or nikons wireless flash commanders yes it is crosscompatible with canon and nikon. Firmware, generally speaking, refers to the programs that help a device do what its supposed to do. Flash yongnuo yn 560ex iii manuale italiano manuale italiano del flash yongnuo yn 560ex iii by carlofiumano. There are also frequently asked questions, a product rating and feedback from users to enable you to optimally use your product. The yn560iv is powerful with a guide number of 190 at iso 100 and 105mm. Make offer yongnuo yn 560 iii wireless speedlite manual flash for canon nikon camera. The panasonic lumix dcs1r is the companys 47mp highres fullframe mirrorless camera. Yongnuo yn560tx manual flash controller quick start guide. Yongnuo flash speedlite yn 560 iv damaged does not work. It doesnt have ttl or hss but it has, just about, everything else. Firmware updates can be quite sensitive, these manipulations are at your own risk. The yongnuo yn560 iv is a very popular manual flash with integrated radio wireless but not compatible with canons rt radio wireless system.

To avoid short circuit, make sure the batteries are securely packed so that the contacts do not touch each. I did a comparison between the metz 58 af2 and the yn 560, and it turns out the yn 560 is actually the slightest bit brighter than the metz 58 af2 at full power by about half a stop. You will receive the manual in your email within minutes. Yongnuo yn560tx lcd flash trigger remote controller for. The yn968n ii supports receiving yongnuo, canon s and nikon s wireless optical master signal, supports s1 and s2 flash. Yongnuo professional wireless flash speedlight flashlight. The yongnuo yn560 iii has now been replaced with an updated version. Yongnuo flash yn 560ii large lcd panel, you can look into and set the functions on the lcd panel clearly and directly. The yn560 iv can be used as master unit, provides 3 independent groups with. Well it doesnt fire on manual mode either and yes i can see the infrared assist light. This mode is enabled or disabled by a long press of. View and download yongnuo yn560iii user manual online. The yongnuo yn560 ii flashes have made up the core of my lighting kit since they came out and the mk1 version prior to that for someone who wants simple, dumb manual flashes, they offer everything you would want, without bloating the price with features you dont necessarily need.

Review the yongnuo yn560 iii has now been replaced with an updated version. The yn968n ii equipped with the usb interface, supports firmware upgrade, the users can download the upgrade firmware through the yongnuo official website to upgrade the flash. Yongnuo yn560 iv speedlite quick start guide everything you need to know to get started. It has been renamed from yn ex600 flash to yn 560ex. I have done a test, for curiosity, placing a yn 560 iii at the bottom of the garden and trying to fire the unit from the tx through two closed wooden doorswalls, a glass door and a double glazed window, range about 25 metres, it fired. Yongnuo yn560ex is yongnuo s new slave only ttl flash. Download and update your yongnuo firmware now yongnuo. Yongnuo firmware downloads yongnuo flashes triggers. Below you can view and download the pdf manual for free. The yongnuo yn560 iv is an improved version of the yn560 iii speedlite and now has the ability to act as a radio wireless master as well as a radio slave. Yongnuo have announced the yn860li speedlite, being the latest evolution in the yn560 series of remote manual speedlites, providing 2. The yn300w is fully compatible with the yongnuo yn622 trigger system and it fully supports canons. The lack of hss with the yn 560 gear i chose wasnt an issue for me. Speedlite yn560 yn560 user manual before use, please read this user manual carefully in order to ensureyour safety.

Speedlite user manual details for fcc id 2acypyn685 made by shenzhen yongnuo photographic equipment co. Flash yongnuo yn560ex iii manuale italiano by carlo. View and download yongnuo yn560 user manual online. Yongnuo 560tx manual download sep 14, 2015 i am thinking of replacing several nonoem flash units and yongnuo 622 triggers with the 560 tx and 560iii flash units. Yn560tx user manual manual flash controller by shenzhen. If you have not received an email, then probably have entered the. It has an optical slave sensor, a pc sync port and a ttl hot shoe for the yn622 trigger system.

This yn 560 makes manual adjustments so fast and easy, its like a dream come true. Yongnuo yn 560 iv wireless flash speedlite for canon 0d 1100d 750d nikon slr. Together with rf6023 triggers it is a wireless trigger with 6. I loved the yn 560 iis and these, coupled with a yn560tx take the flashes to a whole new level. The yn 560 iii and iv are a single firing pin flashes and are compatible with most cameras having a standard hotshoe when mounted directly on the camera. Generation flash yn 560 ii, we added some new function and changed the apprearance a little based on 1st. Yongnuo professional wireless flash speedlight flashlight yongnuo yn 560 iii for canon nikon pentax olympus camera. Yongnuo yn560tx manual flash controller quick start guide photography tips. Yongnuo yn560 ii user manual yongnuo canada camera. This company makes a whole bunch of really great lighting devices for todays digital photographer. The new 560 pro radio system also now features auto sensing radio receiver modes for canon, nikon, and sony camera systems.

Before use, please read this user manual carefully in order to ensure your safety. Yongnuo yn 560iv flash speedlite for canon nikon trigger system eos camera. Buy yongnuo yn560tx ii manual flash controller for canon cameras featuring works with yn560 iii and later flashes, supports rf602, rf603, rf603 ii. Yongnuo yn560 iv speedlite quick start guide everything you. Yongnuo yn560ex flash for canon and nikon yongnuo store. Yongnuo is mainly engaged the product development, manufacturing and retailing of professional photographic equipment. I have 5 yongnuo flashes yn 560 i, a yn560 ii, and two yn 560 iiis, along with this yn 560 iv. Yn685 speedlite user manual shenzhen yongnuo photographic. And the yn 560 tx is the only yongnuo transmitter that can control the powerzoom on a yn 560iii or yn. Manual flash with yn 560 gear in reply to dundy may 4, 2015 dundy wrote. I have never had a problem with any of them and they are very powerful flashes. The yn 560iii was the first speedlight available with wireless radio signaltriggering built into the flash itself. No triggers needed the speedlight has the rf 602603 triggering system already built in and to top it off, when you pair it with a yn 560 tx controller or a yn 560iv speedlight, you can make all of your adjustments from your camera.

Yongnuo yn560 ii yn560ii flash speedlightspeedlite for. We actually use the items we sell unlike those other sellers and if you have an issue or need help on how to use the products you buy, we are here to help. All it can communicate aside from the sync signal is the wakeup signal, and group onoff, if the transmitter is a yn 560 tx. If you are shooting ttl on your main light you can put the yongnuo yn560iv speedlites on s2 and they wont react to the initial ttl light. This device is one of the very best in terms of value and utility. Yongnuo s manual flash power and zoom controller yn560tx is also compatible with rf602, rf603 and rf603 ii triggers receivers. View the user manual for the shenzhen yongnuo photographic equipment model yn560tx manual flash controller 2acypyn560tx. Yongnuo firmware downloads yongnuo store firmware plays an important role in many of our electronics these days. Download and update your yongnuo firmware now yongnuo rumors. Camera flash yongnuo yn 568ex ii user manual 36 pages camera flash yongnuo yn568ex instructions manual 36 pages camera flash yongnuo yn510ex user manual 29 pages. This manual power speedlite has radio wireless but no ettl or high speed sync. They are manual only, but when teamed with the yongnuo yn550tx controller you have a winning combo. This is great for times you have limited access to the speedlight itself.

Need a manual for your yongnuo speedlite yn560 iv flash. Yes you can use yongnuo 560 iii with sony a7 cameras. The yn560 iv is a low cost flash unit made by third party chinese manufacturer yongnuo. Yongnuo yn560 iii yongnuo photographic equiment co. Proceed to the update following the steps in the software.

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